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"My White Privilege" by Elizabeth Grattan. Curated by UpWorthy in January 2015

"And that is white privilege. Because as a black woman I’d be dismissed. I’d be called angry and irate and someone who isn’t grateful enough that times have changed. I’d be making everything about race. I’d be pulling a martyr card and playing a victim. If I were a black woman you wouldn’t even listen. Because you wouldn’t have to listen. Because it wouldn’t have anything to do with you. So I’d never get through. And that is white privilege. That somehow when I, as a white woman, explain white privilege to you, you might listen.

Because that’s how it happens. So listen."

Elizabeth Grattan. November 2014

"Caleb Thomas Schwab Wasn't Brave. He Was Ten. How We Let A Child Die In Kansas" By Elizabeth Grattan. Medium Editor's Pick. August 2016.

"As a bodily autonomy advocate, I say, go for it. If you want to jump out of an airplane at 25,000 feet without a chute, you ought to have that freedom. Provided your body isn’t going to do damage to anything or anyone. And if you want to climb 17 stories and get on a raft to plummet back down with G-Force, it’s totally your call. Who am I to tell you any different? You are a person with agency and you don’t need my permission. At all.

But we aren’t talking about a consenting adult making a rational decision. This is a ten year old child relying on the same fabric he uses to fasten his shoes to fall 168 feet from the sky on water at 65mph in a world where velocity and physics rule."

Elizabeth Grattan. August 8, 2016

"The Privileged White Breastfeeding Woman" by Elizabeth Grattan. Global Viral with Write up by Daily Mail August 2016.

"Black Breastfeeding Week isn’t yours. It wasn’t created by you. It wasn’t created for you. It wasn’t created with you. And if that pisses you off, good. Because the white woman has had plenty of time perched on the pedestals built by men that we’re way overdue to cherish the specific needs of women who to this day battle legacies and current barriers we white women will never comprehend.

And if you can’t figure that out — it’s because you don’t want to."

Elizabeth Grattan . August 2016.

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