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The Privileged White Breastfeeding Woman.

Shut the fuck up.

Seriously. Stop talking.

You are embarrassing yourself with your blatant hypocrisy. No, there is not going to be a “White Breastfeeding Week”. The fact that you bring that up shows the world exactly what you care to know and not about race in this country.

It is disgusting.

Every year Black Breastfeeding Week comes upon us, we endure your ignorance and strive to teach you exactly why your comments are so tone deaf and hurtful to many. And you just don’t learn. You just don’t listen. You refuse to see.

And this year, no more. No more tolerance for your double standards and bigotry.

The white woman has no place to tell a woman of color her experience is unnecessary. The white woman has zero ground to stand upon this week. Not once we learn about history. The white woman is the absolute enemy to Black Breastfeeding Week.

And so, as one of the privileged white middle class women fortunate enough to nurse her baby into boyhood, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you to shut the hell up and stop insisting you bring value to this time of devotion and awareness with your fucked up colorblind ideology.

Women of color were tossed upon an auction block and sold to the highest bidder for their reproductive value in offspring who would profit the white man as he sold human beings as property. They were stripped naked and then raped by their masters and any other able bodied man the master saw fit — repeatedly. They produced heirs who were stolen from their wombs so the milk would get into the white baby’s belly quickly. Women of color have a history in this nation so horrific and cruel it is by grace alone they haven’t risen up and silenced the voice of the white woman a long time ago. We’ve been granted MERCY.

And yet, here you are, with your pale melanin pigment telling women of color you don’t like that they’ve dedicated seven days a year to the journey with their bodies? Here you are bitching and moaning the equivalent of “what about me?” To hell with your fucking audacity.

Take the time you spend typing that logical fallacy and instead take a walk to a fucking library and learn something.

As a privileged white woman, you embarrass me. You embarrass advocacy. You embarrass yourself with your public declaration that you failed critical thinking.

You join and relish in specific times for breastfeeding advocacy over the knee jerk trope of “just feed the babies” and yet can’t grasp how hypocritical you are when you do the same thing and pretend it’s all about unity?

Shut the fuck up. Stop talking.

Some of us are trying very very hard to communicate that we care and will do what we can to assist in changing systems and institutions and prejudices that disenfranchise other human beings.

And you are jumping on the soap box and interrupting.

Like the mistress on the plantation jealous her husband was raping the slave labor, that’s how horrific your hijack is, that’s the reflection of what you’re preaching.

And I would be in tears if I wasn’t so god damn angry.

Black Breastfeeding Week isn’t yours. It wasn’t created by you. It wasn’t created for you. It wasn’t created with you. And if that pisses you off, good. Because the white woman has had plenty of time perched on the pedestals built by men that we’re way overdue to cherish the specific needs of women who to this day battle legacies and current barriers we white women will never comprehend.

And if you can’t figure that out — it’s because you don’t want to.

So, no, my tolerance is through.

If you can’t listen and learn…

Fuck you.