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I'm A Mom. That's Enough.

You know I had to get in on this discussion. Time's May 21st cover photo is causing quite the rift, and I'll say this for them, if they wanted to gain attention - they did.

I, for one, think the cover photo rocks awesome. There is no doubt in my mind that my baby boy and I will be in this exact pose sooner or later. My plans are to nurse at least twenty-four months. At the very least. That's the World Health Organization guideline for those dropping their jaws to the floor right now.

What offends me about this cover is not the photo, nor the idea of a mother nursing a three year old. What irks me is the way the story is being pitched, pitting mom against mom and suggesting that somehow there is an actual measure or standard to rate us.

Hell, I'll never be mom enough. No magazine cover is going to change that. Attachment parenting is not some new fancy thing. It's been around since we stood upright and started walking. So, as an AP, I don't think I'm any more of a mother than another. I just know that this is what works for me and my family.

As women, we are constantly bombarded with this misogynist machine that wants to produce division and competition among us in every area of our lives. Are we skinny enough? Do we wear the right clothes? Is she younger looking? Is she a CEO? It's everywhere. The last place it needs to be is in how we raise our babies. How we choose how they will eat. How we nurture and love and lavish these tiny humans we've been given the awesome responsibility to teach.

Of course we're not mom enough. We shouldn't be striving to be. We've got far more important priorities than trying to compete.